Making up for that lost hour

I am someone who HATES Daylight Saving Time. I get up at 4 a.m. and even if it wasn’t a requirement for work, I would still get up pretty early. I love the sunrise and delaying it an hour doesn’t make me happy.

Losing that hour also dismays me. I have struggled with getting back in my groove since my parents died last year and I just found a system that works for me. I block off time where I shut off social media, my phone (gasp) and any distractions so I can just focus on work for that hour or 45  minutes. I then take a break for 10 t0 20 minutes or a meal break if needed.

This system has increased my productivity but I am still working on perfecting it. Losing an hour that could have been a work block or sleep is distressing.

How are you making up for that lost hour?


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