What’s your story?

In any business, nonprofit or organization, I guarantee you I can find at least 10 interesting stories to tell. Maybe a new employee has joined. Another employee has overcome hardship with the support of the company. A new service is being offered. An innovative technique is being used to help serve customers. These are just a few of the stories you could tell right now. The question is–how will you tell them and how will you distribute them?

The Internet created many new opportunities for businesses to tell their story with great content. Social media, video channels and even sites where you can snap a picture and tell a story are now part of our daily lives. Meanwhile, local newspapers, radio stations and television stations are still here to share information.

I want to help you tell your stories.

I will dust off that blog you have been neglecting, make sure you Tweet and post every work day or contact the media to get your story out. I also work with an amazing visual content producer who creates videos and pictures. Every plan is customized to YOUR needs.

Tell your story. Contact me at kimjarrettinspired@gmail.com.

Kim J


  • 1996, First place, Georgia Press Association, hard news writing
  • 2007, Second place, hard news writing, Georgia Press Association
  • 2014 and 2015, Gabby Award from the Georgia Association of Broadcasters for best website.
  • 2016, Gabby Award from the Georgia Association of Broadcasters for Best Newscast and Best Weather coverage.


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