Rejected but not defeated

I was rejected yesterday. I will probably be rejected today, too. In fact, I will probably be rejected at least 50 times next month.

This is part of the writing business, especially if you are a freelancer. Even though you may think you are a great fit for a gig, the client may prefer another writing style or just think someone is better than you.

Many people think being a freelance writer is a cool job where you sit around in your pajamas writing beautiful prose and changing the world. I am in my pajamas now and while my work is vitally important to my business client, it’s not going to end world hunger or bring peace. Don’t get me wrong. I love freelancing and I love meeting clients from all over the world. But you have to deal with rejection on a daily basis.

How do I handle it? Here are some tips.

  • First, don’t get angry and burn a bridge. Many years ago I was rejected by a client for a job I really wanted. They posted another job a few months later, I reapplied and got it. Sometimes you are not the reason someone else gets the job. As I mentioned before, the client may think someone else is better or more experienced.
  • I analyze my pitch or bid. I don’t spend a lot of time on this. But by going back sometimes I find it’s a mistake I made such as a typo or grammatical error that may have cost me the job. Once, I sent the wrong pitch to client.
  • I move on quickly. I have found that there is always another client and gig waiting for me somewhere. If I wallow in each rejection, I won’t have the time to make that perfect pitch to the client that needs me. I have been blessed that I haven’t had to go too long between gigs. That’s because I get right back on the horse, even if it’s kicked me more than once.
  • I don’t ever give up. I have goals and dreams for my family and my freelance writing is one of the vehicles I am using to get me there. While I really love the work, I love my family and I won’t stop because I am working for them just as much as I am working for my clients.

More than a decade of freelance writing has given me skills that I now use in my own life. Everyone has been rejected and felt inadequate. What are your methods of coping with rejection?




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