The ten second challenge

It’s been a few years since I have really kept up with Internet marketing and content writing so I am on a steep learning curve. My focus has been on magazine writing with a few content marketing pieces and I have not had to worry about analytics and other fancy sounding words.  Thank goodness most clients only care about my writing skills and hire me for my talent.

Of course, I want this blog to be read and seen in search engines and I have had scores of emails from companies who say they can help me do that. I am sure some of them are great but I don’t respond to sales pitches. I prefer to do my own research and pick a company.

I have spent some time learning all that has changed in the past few years and it is a lot! But there is still on disheartening statistic that is touted by Internet marketers–most people only spend about 10 seconds on a website before moving on to the next one in the search engine.

This statistic is really challenging me as a writer. I want to make sure I deliver compelling content no matter how boring the subject. (My last article was on employment law, btw). So if you are a writer, what are your challenges in writing content that keeps people reading more than 10 seconds. And for clients, what do you look for in writing.

I know that it’s not just the content that drives views to sites. Web designers, coders and a host of other people play a part in making a great website. But that stuff is way over my head.

Hey, if you read this far, let me know!



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