This is my first blog post!

I am just mimicking what I read when I opened up this new blog. I blog, guest post and ghostwrite blogs for clients so I have written blogs before. But this one is about what have been doing almost my entire adult life.

Many of you already know me–I have been doing this crazy journalism/communications/writing/broadcasting thing for more than 25 years. But for those who may not, let’s have some fun. Remember the 25 random things about me that was the rage on Facebook? Well, I don’t have the time for that!! Here are 10 random things about me as it applies to writing and my career.

  1. I love being in radio. I have a great time delivering news, albeit very early, every morning. It just means I am home in time for lunch!
  2. I love freelancing. It’s challenging to land clients, meet deadlines and deliver quality work. But I love the challenge.
  3. I stumbled into my career field. I always wanted to be all the things I am but I lacked self-confidence. I was going into public relations when a news director at my hometown radio station heard me recording promos and gave me a shot at news.
  4. My first major was education. Teaching is actually a lot harder than it looks and teacher NEVER get enough credit. Thank God I saw the light my junior year of college.
  5. My teenage son does my pictures and videos. I am constantly astounded at what he produces, just with an IPod. But he also has some fancier equipment.
  6. I couldn’t draw stick people in elementary school. Why is this unusual? Because I love crafting and art now and blog about it on another site.
  7. I won a watermelon eating contest when I was about six years old. I won a pink princess chair.
  8. I used to hate the color yellow but I am warming up to it, especially after seeing a field of yellow flowers near my house. I even made it my cover photo.
  9. My husband and I are on a quest to see all 50 state capitals. How many have we done so far? Ahem, three.
  10. Tipper Gore once gave me weight loss tips when I interviewed her.

Whew! First blog here done! What will I do here? Some media commentary, some thoughts on the journalist/writer/broadcaster life and some about cool places where my family goes. Thank you for reading!



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